Why Moving To Keller Williams Was The Best Thing I Did As An Agent!

As we look back at this past year not only has 2016 been the best year for TMSG but it also has been the best year for Keller Williams and the Keller Williams Huntington Beach market center.  TMSG has also had the best start to any year in the groups history – and it’s not even close!  In this article we will talk about the incredible achievements for: TMSG, Keller Williams Realty International., and the Keller Williams Huntington Beach market center.

As the President and CEO of TMSG moving the group to Keller Williams from Coldwell Banker has been the best decisions for the company I have ever made. I am excited to share not only our growth but the overall growth of the great company of Keller Williams. Lets take a look at the numbers.

Lets first start with Keller Williams Realty International:

Keller Williams is an international company that has seen continued growth and development. The company has more than 790 market centers with over 139,000 associates and these numbers continue to increase daily. Keller Williams has been ranked as one of the top real estate franchises, a top training organization across all industries, and as one of the happiest places to work. The models and systems have proven successful year after year and is the main reason why the company and its agents continue to grow.

When we look at Internationally both the agent growth and gain have increased in the past year. We now have agents in over 32 countries! International closings and listings have also increased steadily.

In fact KW’s closed volume for 2016 was up 19.6%!  KW’s listings taken was up 10.6% with listing sold up 15.4%.  That means the company’s agents are outselling their listings! A fantastic stat for the overall company and its clients. Gross commission amongst their agents was up 19.1%! Simply put, agents are closing more and making more at Keller Williams.

With such solid growth in several categories, it is no surprise that KW is the fastest growing Real Estate company in the world and is projected to be the top performing Real Estate company in: agent count, sales volume, and units sold in less than 2 years! Their offices continue to maintain profitability and continues to grow every year. In fact, the company has never lost money in any of the 33 years it has been in business.

The Growth

Not only has Keller Williams seen growth internationally, but the Keller Williams market center here in Huntington Beach has also seen immense improvements. We are above the international percent increases for both agent gain and growth. In addition, Huntington Beach is also seeing higher numbers for both contracts and listings signed. This market center has made its goal to see drastic increases in its numbers – and the associates have performed!

Last year was a record setting year for Keller Williams Huntington Beach. The agents increased in six separate categories from January 2016 to January 2017. Huntington Beach nearly doubled the number of closed units with a 45.5% change and saw a 64.7% change in profit share when comparing January 2016 to January 2017. Compared to Keller Williams corporate KWHB has preformed better in nearly ever statistical category – most notably, profit.  KWHB is up 52.3% compared to Corporate which was up 23.2% so far this year. After looking at these numbers one can conclude that the KWHB office is one of the healthiest and most productive offices in the entire country.

With the number of associates growing by the day, there is no telling what the Huntington Beach market center can achieve in the coming months.

Team Leader of the Huntington Beach market center, Jon Pugh, says:

“We are likely the fastest growing Real Estate office in Huntington Beach. In February, we had an agent join our office every other day. In the five months since I started here we have had 40 agents join our market center including over $57M in volume (based on last 12 month production) most notably, TMSG, The Lusk Brothers, John-Garrett Baron, and up and comer Victoria Hill. It is exciting to be surrounded by the talent and passion and our culture is fueling our growth. We are about to launch a productivity coaching program that will be a game-changer for our agents and will ensure they all work their way up to full-cap status.

Full-Cap status is the best part of the Keller Williams commission structure and is referred to as the ‘cap’. Each office has a cap on commissions based on their current market. It is determined by the average median home price in your area and usually amounts to selling 8-10 houses per year. For Huntington Beach it’s $30,000. Once an agent reaches a set amount of production (cap), they are no longer required to pay the office a split, meaning the agent is at a 100% commission split until their fiscal year starts again. How amazing is that?”

Jon continues: “Anyone is welcome to attend our team meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, followed by thirsty Thursday happy hour at 5pm or any of our training events to get a feel for the: company, office culture, and what we as a brand hold so dear and believe in.”    

Keller Williams has a belief system in place that influences not only how we do business, but how we treat others. They want to be the company that agents and customers alike will choose to work for and work with. The focus is on building careers that are worth having and lives that are worth living. Keller Williams believes that family should come before business and that who you are in business with matters. With such a strong set of beliefs and morals in place, our associates are motivated by the right reasons to work hard and be successful.

The Malakai Sparks Group [TMSG]:

TMSG is absolutely crushing it year over year.  We are up by 38% profitability and our units sold are up by nearly 125%.  We are expecting a full 120% growth rate for the company in 2017.  The brand is healthy, and people really drawn to what TMSG stands for.  Our mission is to provide our clients the greatest real estate experience they will ever have. We are doing this by providing the best customer service in the industry as well as the most technologically advanced group in the industry.

Simply put, no one is doing what we are doing with technology and offering people the experiences we offer them during the home buying and home selling process.  That’s why our listing sell faster, and our buyers constantly win bidding wars and continue to grow on all social review sites.  Don’t take our word for it, we have the highest ranked Yelp page for Huntington Beach. The most reviewed and highest 5 star rating on google local business.  As well as fully backed by the BBB, and ranked the number one real estate group by ThreeBestRated.com for the city of Huntington Beach.

Who you choose to work with absolutely matters.  Not all Real Estate Groups are the same and equal.  If you or someone you know is thinking of buying or selling anytime in the near future please feel free to contact me directly at 714.655.1627


Malakai Sparks
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