Luxury Tourist In Your Own Town: 7 Luxury Experiences Around Orange County

Luxury Tourist In Your Own Town: 7 Luxury Experiences Around Orange County

A growing trend in travel these days shows busy locals are staying close to home and experiencing what their area has to offer. I for one think this is incredible because we just so happen to live in one of the most amazing places on this planet! I’ve scoured the web, talked to clients as well as friends and found out their most memorable experience or stay they’ve had in or around Orange County.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below or by connecting with us socially. For now get enjoy this post and let us know which experience you’d most likely choose for a lavish Orange County staycation.

1) Superyacht Rental With A Heli

What better way to get to Catalina Island or just head off to where no one else is and enjoy one of the most beautiful superyachts in California? This vessel also happens to have a helicopter on-board making it easier to get to wherever you want to go in a flash. The Leight Star can be chartered from around $20,000 a day via Luxury Liners and comes with just about every luxury you could dream of on a boat.

2) Ferrari 458 Experience

My favorite supercar for a long time was the 993 911 TT but ever since I got to drive a 458 for the day, I finally understood what driving a Ferrari is all about. We also just happen to have year round cruising weather, ocean-side drives and, my favorite, the canyons all over. It’s a fantastic place to take out a supercar, let her unwind a bit (legally of course) and enjoy the sights and sounds of that V8.

Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car has many locations  and one of the most amazing rental fleets in California but their 458’s are immaculate. They have a couple of 458s and Ferrari Californias but do yourself a favor and make sure you get a Spyder, which begs to be taken on the open roads with the wind trying to pull your hair from your head. You can rent this 458 Spyder right here.

Beverly Hills Rent A Car is a company I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with many times before and I can not say enough good things about them. They will even drop cars off at your house or hotel so you can just get to the fun stuff and enjoy what I think is one of the best cars ever made.

458 bhrentals

3) Montage Laguna Beach Spa Day

Not only do us locals know about The Montage over in Laguna Beach, but travelers the globe over come here to experience a taste of California. The Montage Laguna Beach has hands-down one of the best spa experiences you can find in the United States so you know you’re in goods hands. This hotel spa has constantly been named a top destination for health and wellness.

Veronica Hill aka The California Travel Expert did an awesome video giving you a taste of what you get to experience here. This spa experience is something no local should miss out on because we’re blessed to have this world class experience right here.

4) Helicopter Charter Tour Of Catalina

Catalina Island is an escape that is so close to home, yet manages to whisk you off to what seems like another time and place. There are many helicopter access points to the Island but I highly recommend hiring your own and taking the long way round – so to speak. If it’s your first time coming to the Island then there’s no better way to be introduced.

OC Helicopters are the people to deal with and they offer a wide variety of experiences with their helicopter fleet. These choppers move quick, provide a great view and, believe you me, a very exhilarating ride. They have custom charter options ready to go so all you need to do is get in touch.

5) Ocean Side @ The Metropole

Call the in-laws, pack the fridge at home and then book the Ocean Suite at the Hotel Metropole for a romantic weekend getaway. This is where you’ll want to stay after your ride over with OC Helicopters and enjoy jaw-dropping views of the harbour in the heart of Avalon. This hotel is perfectly located and offers guests a great experience of this magical place. When you’re here don’t forget to enjoy the rooftop pool. Weekend getaways start at $859 USD.

hotel metropole oc

6) Lavish OC Wine Tour

There are many ways to stay and play when it comes to wine tours in Orange County but OC Wine Tours has been doing it for a while now and offer a wide variety of wine tours and vacations.

oc wine tours

7) Rent A Castle With Your Friends

Yes you read that right! There are many ways to stay here in the OC but this very unique luxury rental lets you escape the norm and experience pure fantasy. Laguna Hills comes well equipped with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms throughout its capacious 11,500 square feet of living space.

The property is located within the famous Nellie Gail Ranch in Laguna Hills and is the last frontier for horse property in Orange County. It’s a great place to escape the city life and even the beach as you enjoy the OC country life. This place can be rented out for just over $1500 a night and we recommend hiring a chef to make the stay even more special.

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