Advice About Moving After A Sale

Advice About Moving After A Sale

You’ve sold your Orange County or Huntington Beach home for sale– congrats! Now this is where it get rough. You are probably so mentally and emotionally spent through the taxing process of selling your home, you can’t even handle just thinking about “the move”. A lot of clients ask me how they should handle moving. They ask “should I save some bucks and do the moving myself?” or “should I hire someone to help me move all my stuff?” A great questions!

In my experience one is so overwhelmed with joy and sadness of the sale of their real estate property. They are joyful they got their home sold, but also saddened they have to leave behind their memories in the home they just sold. They are emotional, you will be emotional, too when it indeed happens to you. With so much emotion I recommend people to hire a moving company to help them with the moving process. Have someone else take care of all the physical labor while you relax and think about decorating and building new memories in your new wonderful residence, is worth every penny. If you try and save a few bucks and do it yourself you could be setting up for a big ordeal and disaster!

Side Note: If you are in a community or condo complex ask the HOA about help. They may have venders that help for free or at least a good contact for you to call. If you are thinking of putting up your Huntington Beach condo for sale reach out to your HOA rep and ask if the dues cover any moving assistance.


Moving can put someone on edge quick, I mean really quick! Packing up boxes and lifting heavy objects will physically drain you like no other. Not to mention the mental toll it take on one as well. You have to be so focused to not break anything while moving it you are completely spend mentally by the concentration it takes to maneuvering heavy objects in small places. This will really leave you on edge, you’ll begin to snap at your partner, yell at your kids, or even worse pick a fight with that neighbor you never really liked! Trust me it happens.

Skip all the arguments, pain, and physical labor and just hire someone to do it for you. it will save you time and possible your relationships.

If your thinking about putting your Huntington Beach or Orange County home up for sale I would love to meet with you for a free consultation and discus how I could benefit you. If you would like to move and need someone to find that perfect place please feel free to contact me. We will schedule a consultation at our Costa Mesa location to let me know your needs. I’ll then get to work to find that perfect place for you.

Malakai Sparks
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