Choosing The Right Agent

Choosing The Right Agent

When it comes to selling or buying a home, it’s vital to make sure you are being represented in the best possible way. If you choose someone who isn’t skilled at real estate, you could be setting yourself up for a 30 year fixed problem. There are so many Realtors, it’s hard for one to sift through them all to find a diamond. This begs the question: what should I look for in my Orange County Realtor? In this post I’ll point out a few things one should look for in when determining their next agent

1) Professionalism:

This is really important. Look at what what they wear and drive. Do they wear T-shirts or Hawaiian shirts while driving you around in a dirty car?

Regarding the car: it doesn’t matter if they drive a $50-$100 thousand dollar car. It matters what shape the car is in and how well maintained it is. I’d recommend to you someone who drives a Honda civic that is always clean and well maintained then someone who drives a BMW that is dirty and neglected. If they aren’t going to take themselves serious why should you?

Regarding Dress: It doesn’t cost a lot to look nice and professional, it’s just a matter of want-to. You want someone who takes what they do serious and dresses serious because you want them to take you and your transaction serious! You want a high quality professional business person, not someone who looks like they’re your: drinking, PTA, bingo, or bowling buddy.

2) Honesty:

In almost every real estate deal there are immense emotions involved. You will be: sad, happy, depressed, stressed, and overjoyed all in 30 days. When you are going through these emotions it’s hard for a Realtor to be honest and straight forward because of the emotional kickback might be severe. You want a Huntington Beach Realtor who is like a rock and will tell you the hard truths even when you are upset, don’t want to hear it, and may loose your cool. You want a Realtor who let’s you know that the home you love isn’t really a good deal for you, even though you are about to place an offer on it and they would be receiving a big commission. The best way to check this is to ask (or go to their website) for reviews/testimonials. You want to see at least 6 reviews/testimonials that are really positive before moving forward. If they are new and don’t have many, I would talk to the references they provided.

3) Communication:

When you choose a Realtor it’s vital they are good communicators. In real estate, there are many things that are constantly moving all the time. You want someone who is going to let you know right away of the changes. If not, you will be left behind and constantly frustrated. You want someone who will pick up their phone when you call. Answers your emails within the hour (with email being on cell phones there is no excuse why this should be difficult), and answer texts within 10 minutes. That should be the standard. If they can’t do that then it shows you are of low priority to them.

4) Choosing a Group, Team, or Individual:

What is the difference between a team, group and an individual real estate person(s)? A group or team has multiple people working on your transaction while an individual is just themselves. I would recommend a “Group” over a “Team” because usually a “Team” is made up by spouses and real estate is there only source of income for the two. They will literally try to sell you anything because they need to make the next car payment and mortgage bill coming up that month. Some individual’s are fantastic and have been doing the business for years. Thus, will do a great job for you. However, most are not. Most individual Costa Mesa Real Estate agents are unprofessional and a bit lazy. Ask for reviews/testimonials before working with them. Groups are really the way to go in my opinion. You have a group of people who work together to get your home sold or help you find that perfect home. When working with a group make sure you are working with the person who’s name is on the group! Really important. If you are not, you are then working with a Jr. agent or assistant and that is not the best situation for you. Here at The Malakai Sparks Group I am the only one who works with you. I have others handle the paperwork and other basic activity’s so I can concentrate on fulfilling your real estate needs to perfection.

I hope this helps with your search to find that diamond Realtor. The real estate market is over saturated with Realtors; thus, there is no need to settle for a poor agent! You deserve to be treated with high regard and respect, you should not settle for anything less.

If you are thinking about selling or buying a home I would love to meet with you and discus your needs and wants. After meeting I’ll be honest with you, I’ll let you know if I can help and if we are a good fit to work together. Please reach out to me directly. Call or text me at 714-655-1627. I would love to earn your business in helping you with your home or Huntington Beach condo selling.

Malakai Sparks
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