The Many Custom Pools Of Orange County

The Many Custom Pools Of Orange County

I recently came across the work of Urban Landscape out of Newport Beach and was completely blown away with their work and just had to share it. There’s no payment behind this nor do we know anyone at the company, we just what they do is definitely worth seeing. We’re in this profession because we love homes, architecture and most of all we love Orange County. We’ve seen our fair share of pools, some awful and some that made us not want to ever leave our listing.

The portfolio of pool designs that come out of this firm are the kind you see in magazines, movies and in our dreams. I could only find the majority of these images on Houzz so if you’d like to see a larger shot please just click on the link and viola, you’re there.

If you’ve got something you’d like to show off then tag it with #ocpools and we’ll feature it.

The Custom Pools Of Orange County

Rancho Palos Verdes 2014


Pelican Hill


Himmelman Residence


Lee Residence


Weaver Residents


Fredrickson Residence


Incredible Custom Pools and Spas


Incredible Custom Pools and Spas


Malakai Sparks
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