For Sellers – What A Buyer Wants

For Sellers – What A Buyer Wants

Whether you are selling a condo in Huntington Beach  or selling a home in Huntington Beach.  There are certain principles that remain the same when you decide to sell a property. Regardless of what type. A fatal mistake I see with sellers is that they often think they know what buyers are looking for. As a result, they stop taking advice from professionals or choose to find a professional that agrees with their wrong views. Learning that it is necessary to change a person’s home in order for potential buyers to like it is a hard pill to swallow for anyone. However, this is a critical step if the home is going to appeal to buyers. Each day that a home is on the market means a further decrease in value; there is no way around this truth. That is why it is so important to prepare a home prior to going on the market; doing so will ensure a quick sell. In this blog post I will briefly highlight what buyers are looking for and help the reader to understand the psychology behind this.


A high power marketing system is vital for a fast sale. Every home is unique which provides a competitive advantage. It is the Real Estate Agent’s job to find out what separates your home from the rest and market that. Buyers want to feel like they are getting something special. Something that they can only get from buying YOUR particular home and if they do not buy your home, they won’t get a home with these special features. No one wants to buy something that is not special so this begs the question- What makes your home more special then the others? Find out and market that, then make sure you market it correctly through the proper channels. Marketing has drastically changed over the last three years and if you are not marketing your home with those new techniques then you can assure your home will be on the market longer then it should. And as I pointed out before, that will lead to less money for your biggest asset.


Staging a home is a really good idea if: your home has not been updated in a while, your furniture taste is unique, or your home is vacant. I highly recommend staging every home I list as I pointed out in my blog Staging Your Home. I know what buyers are looking for, and if we can get everything alined just right we can produce a quick sell.


This is the most important part of the process. If you are thinking about putting your home up for sale it is vital you get the price right. I know how difficult it is to hear about what your home is worth, but I can assure you a competent real estate agent knows the market better then anyone and you must trust his/her judgment. If you list your home too high you will permanently damage the value of your home, as I stated before, everyday your home is on the market it is loosing value. If you price it to where it won’t clear the market you will destroy the value because of the length of time it will be on the market. If your home is on the market longer then six months you will be forced to sell it for 10-20% below the market value due to the damage you will incur.

This is just a quick overview of what buyers are looking for. If your thinking about selling your: Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa home and need someone to assist you, I’m that person. Please reach out to me directly by call or text at 714-655-1627. Thanks again for reading!

Malakai Sparks
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