Laguna Beach Home Built Inside A Rock

Laguna Beach Home Built Inside A Rock

We do things a bit different out here on the west coast and this home fits right in line with that mentality we seem to tap into here. Designed by Brion Jeannette Architecture and built into the site of a very large boulder with all the contemporary delights one could want. With stunning ocean views and the beach literally in your backyard you’ll feel really one with nature in this home.

I really like the added benefit of natural cooling in the summer, you know, from being inside a rock and all. The Flintstones sure knew what they were doing with those rock houses and the owners definitely took a few tips from the famous cartoon family. This beautiful places boasts just over 3,000 square feet of coastal living space and is definitely a home for entertaining.

These photos below are by Jeri Koegel Photography and the home was recently sold for what seems to be around $15,000,000 USD. Notice in the photos below how they work in all that natural stone.








Malakai Sparks
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