Our Laguna Beach Home Loan Services Guarantee the Lowest Rates

Laguna Beach is truly an incredible little spot on the map. Only a lucky twnty-five some-odd-thousand people are afforded the luxury of calling it home. You are soon to be one of them.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach has something for everybody. Some of the most incredible restaurants, the greatest people and some of the most vibrant outdoor living on the planet. You are lucky to live in Laguna Beach!

Get that Loan

We’re sure that we can save you thousands over the course of your home loan because we have access to the best rates in the industry. We’ll make sure that the lender that ends up granting you your home loan had to work to get your business.

Let us be your “who you know”.

Your Experience

Let the Malakai Sparks Group handle your Laguna Beach home loan and we will get you the best loan with the least stress and the biggest smile.

Let’s get you a mortgage!


Your Perfect Mortgage

Because no two people are the same, no two mortgages will be the same either. Different incomes, credit ratings and a number of other factors will influence the rates a lender will be willing to offer you. We are here for you to help filter through and make sense of these offers to make sure you’re never overwhelmed with debt or information.

Live Debt-Free

We want you to pay off your Laguna Beach home loan on your own schedule. Of course, the longer you’re in debt, the more you’re going to pay for your house in the long run, but you may be able to afford a house you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

We Know Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is close in the hearts of those of us at the Malakai Sparks Group. We’ve spent a lot of time eating its food, hanging out with its citizens and realaxing on its beaches. We truly believe that there is something special about Laguna Beach and we’re excited to get you living here!

Laguna Beach home loan rates and prices

You’re never going to see a bill from us for brokering your Laguna Beach home loan. We are paid by lenders to provide you with a home loan. Our golden rule, however, will never be broken. We will make sure this is your single greatest real estate experience!

We don’t ever want you to feel pressured into anything when you’re working with us – you can walk away at any time.

You’ve really got nothing to lose by giving us a shout and seeing what we can do for you!

Whether you’ve already got an idea of what you might be paying for a mortgage or you’d just like some info on how brokering home loans in Laguna Beach works, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

All of our Laguna Beach Home Loan and mortgage services are handled by Mike Robbins and the incredible people at Seacliff Mortgage.

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