No one markets properties like The Malakai Sparks Group is marketing them today. One thing that is exclusive to our marketing style is that once you choose to list with us, we have a professional videographer come to your home and video your entire property. Ever seen “MTV Cribs” or “Million Dollar Listing”? We make it so your home looks like it belongs on those shows.

video marketing

Our videos help showcase your property and reach a broader audience.

luxury pr

No matter what property we're dealing with, they all get our luxury PR services to ensure it's properly marketed.

targetted social

Our targetted social media marketing efforts ensure your property is seen by its potential new owners.

local experience

We were born and raised in Orange County so our local professional experience is absolutely unmatched.

We then air that video on every major home search website around the world. What other Realtor or Broker is offering a service like this? No one; except us of course! The best part about this is that it is completely free to you. This is just one of the many things that our Group offers and sets us apart from all the others.

If you’re serious about selling, I’m serious about getting results!

Malakai Sparks of The Malakai Sparks Group

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