Orange County Reclaimed Wood Furniture Feature: True American Grain

Orange County Reclaimed Wood Furniture Feature: True American Grain

There are a lot of talented people throughout Orange County and today we’re going to feature something I personally just love. I’m talking reclaimed wood furniture. There’s just something about the way it looks, it feels and of course the fact it’s built from wood that otherwise was left abandoned. We see so many beautiful reclaimed wood designs in open houses, our listings and even our friends homes. The latest barn door inside a kitchen we saw really blew me away and found out it was done by True American Grain.

I went home and spent a good hour drooling over their Instagram page and just had to show their work with our fans here. Not only did they do barn doors, they have amazing farm style dining tables, crazy unique chandelier’s and thick beam wall mounts.

The company is based out of Laguna Niguel and works mostly with reclaimed lumber and repurposed barn wood from this great country. I also really love the flooring and walls they do, especially the the photo above of the fireplace set perfectly amongst the wood.

Really cool stuff and if you’re doing something amazing here in Orange County then let us know about it, we’ll happily cover it. To see the rest of the portfolio and learn more about True American Grain just followed the links below.

Phone: (949) 282-0053


Malakai Sparks
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