I did the typical google search real estate agents until a friend recommended Malakai Sparks.  His down to earth and professional personality was the first thing I noticed.  After just a couple days of emails and looking at houses he knew exactly what I wanted and once we looked at my soon to be house there was nothing that would stop Malakai from helping me get it.  The number one reason I would recommend Malakai would be because he fought and did everything he could to make sure I got my house.  I knew this was even more true when my lending agents were telling me the same.  I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for Malakai I would not be in my dream home today.

– Jonathan Radin

Malakai Sparks took the day to show me some amazing homes in the Costa Mesa area. He has great knowledge of the local area and took his time to educate me as well as give me pointers from his perspective. Malakai really understood what I was looking for in a home, which made the search fun and easy. He was able to find homes that matched my style and taste. Another trait that really impressed me was his knowledge on the housing market. Especially in todays economy it is vital to work alongside someone who is educated and up to date on the market conditions. Without a doubt Malakai Sparks made my home search easy, stress free and very productive.

– Michael P.

Malakai was very helpful in my search for a new home. Throughout our tour he demonstrated knowledge on the overall house/layout/history which is very helpful when making a decision. What was also great was his understanding of the surrounding area and local amenities.

He has great knowledge in the industry and I would recommend Malakai to anyone looking to buy/sell a home!

– Greg Piechota

Hi Malakai,

I wanted to thank you for everything you did in helping me find a great house to rent in Orange County. I couldn’t have asked to find a better realtor or honestly a better person. You are truly one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting and from the moment we spoke on the phone I knew we would work well together.

I was concerned that it would be a waste of your time to help me look for a rental house because you wouldn’t make a commission like you would in a house sale, but you assured me that it was your pleasure. I described what I was looking for and the areas that I wanted to live in and you sent me listings that were an exact match to what I wanted. I had worked with a few realtors before and got a lot of listings that were not right and I felt that I wasted a lot of valuable time sifting through unwanted listings. Everything you sent me was great! Additionally, you are organized and you return phone calls and emails with impressive lightning speed. You never made me feel like I was taking up too much of your time, no matter how many questions I had.

When I flew into town to look at some houses, you arranged your schedule to fit my tight schedule. I can’t believe that the first house we saw was the right one! You walked me through the application, answered a lot of questions, facilitated the entire process with the other agent and made sure everything ran smoothly. The information you provided about schools and the area was really helpful as well, as was the awesome Fish Taco place and the Mexican Restaurant down the hill from my new house.:-)

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful help you gave me. You truly went above and beyond in helping me find a great house and when we sell our house in Chicago and are ready to buy in Orange County I know who my first phone call will be 🙂 ! Thanks so much for everything and I will call you for my first poolside BBQ.

– Beth Johnson

I cannot speak more highly of my experience with Malakai.

As a recent transplant to Newport Beach, navigating the local housing market seemed daunting at first. Malakai made the moving experience seamless, easy-to-understand and acted in the most straightforward manner possible. I was looking to rent a home in the Corona del Mar neighborhood – the only issue was that it would be difficult for me to visit prior to moving. I explored the neighborhoods with Malakai in person, checked out a few houses and he gave me a good overview of the area. Where Malakai really added value, though, was by proactively keeping tabs on recent listings and updating me. He personally went to several listings, made professional quality videos of the houses and sent them to me. In fact, I was able to secure an absolutely ideal house WITHOUT even having to visit again. I could not be happier with my experience and consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Malakai walk me through this experience. I plan to use him for every subsequent real estate rental or purchase and have recommended him to all of my friends and colleagues.

– Brian Leach

-Vice President, Product Management at PIMCO

Dear Klark and Malakai,

I write to express my appreciation for the amazing service that you two had provided me on the recent purchase of my home in Huntington Beach (HB). I contacted you originally from realtor.com through one of many listings that I wanted to inquire about. At the time, I still lived on the East Coast and was not ready to commit to using any particular agent in HB. What I did notice was how prompt you were in responding to any and all of my questions about virtually anything that popped in to my mind about a number of properties.

Your responsiveness and honesty won me over and I chose you to be my buyer’s agent. I made a trip to HB to look at a couple of properties in person. Having met you two in person further confirmed my decision to work with you.

Due to your professionalism, amazing customer service, honesty, and dedication, I was able to buy a home that I love remotely. I closed on the property remotely and you two represented me flawlessly throughout the entire process.

I now live in a wonderful neighborhood in a lovely home because of your tireless effort to help me. Even after the Closing of the property, you continued to support my needs. Even bringing an electrician friend over on a Saturday evening to help install a special electrical outlet in my garage for me. When I had trouble using the key to enter my own gate, you immediately came to my aid. I feel happy and safe in my new home as a result of your AMAZING DEDICATION in supporting me throughout this journey.

Thank you!

– Vivi Nguyen

Malakai was recommended to me by some very good friends of mine, and I cannot thank them enough for setting me up with him. I was worried that the process of finding and buying a home would be stressful, but Malakai made it very easy for me. He constantly checked in with me to make sure that I was satisfied and confident in my purchase. He was even able to connect me with a lender when my original one came back to me with some unreasonable demands. He truly is the total package, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I will be recommending him to any of my friends looking to buy or sell a home.

– Matt Nash

After surviving grueling apartment searches in Manhattan, I knew I needed an amazing realtor for my move to Newport Beach.  Luckily, I found Malakai.  He not only knows everything about the market, but is also a pleasure to work with.  We did part of the search long distance – Malakai  listened carefully to my questions and provided  incredible videos, multimedia resources and detailed measurements. He streamlined the process and made it stress free.  I look forward to working with him again!

– Elizabeth Wegener

-Vice President, Credit Research at PIMCO

When my father past away about a year ago, I was apprehensive in finding the right realtor to handle my father’s estate. When I got ahold of Malakai Sparks I knew right away that he was a professional and had the know-how to navigate the difficulties of a Trust transaction. Malakai from beginning to end showed expertise, discretion, and empathy. I was so happy with his etiquette, he is now my buying agent.

– Robert & Lindsay Chamberlain

Working with Malakai Sparks was fantastic. We barely had to do anything to get our house sold. He explained everything to us upfront. In addition, he made two unbelievable recommendations to help us sell our house faster than I would have ever thought- and they worked. He had a full-price offer for us to sign within 3 days of our house hitting the market. Another thing I liked was the professionalism he showed. He always showed up exactly on time for our appointments and returned all my calls promptly. Another thing he knows are the subtle details and tricks of the trade. The pictures of our house done by his photographer made it look like a model home. I can honestly recommend Malakai very highly. It seems like he spends a lot more time researching Real Estate than most agents or brokers. He knows his stuff and has proven results.

– Peter Winscott

Malakai Sparks were so helpful in guiding us through the buying and selling process! We needed to sell our condo to buy another condo in a nicer area. They helped us with getting our house ready to sell in no time! I felt very secure that they knew what they were doing, with details like finding people to clean, paint, and photograph the place and were able to sell our condo for a great price! They stuck with us to search for a place within our budget that was just right. I would highly recommend this personal and professional team of brothers!

– Heather Soodak

These guys are amazing!! Thank you so much to Malakai and Klark! They were truly advocates for me during this process. Kai never gave up hope that I would find my home, and took me to see house after house until I could make a decision. Then once I made my decision he worked with me non-stop until everything was complete. The Malakai Sparks Group couldn’t be more supportive! Thank you!!!

– Mary O’Dell 

-Head Floor Director at Western Medical Center

These two guys did everything I could have asked for. It was my first time buying a house so im sure I asked plenty of stupid questions, but they were answered quickly and they made me feel like I was their only client. If you’re thinking of buying a house a would highly recommend Kai and Klark.

– Nick Pontifex

-Occupational Health and Safety Specialist at The Boeing Company

I moved to Orange Country from across the country and Malakai was invaluable in helping me locate a great apartment. In what can be a difficult process for someone not familiar with the area, I was very lucky to have been referred to someone like Malakai. He went above and beyond in helping me make sure I got everything I was looking for and exceeded my expectations throughout the process. Malakai’s trustworthiness, professionalism, and good nature was a nice combination and we’ve stayed in touch to this day. I would highly recommend him.

– Garrett Norman

-Associate Director at PAAMCO

What an amazing agent and sincere person! Malakai was friendly, professional, and easy to get in contact with. Malakai helped my family look for a home in Orange County. I felt like he gave them 110% attention and was always there when they needed him. He is very informative and knowledgeable about the market, especially the coastal cities. If you are looking for a Realtor, I would definitely recommend Malakai over any other!

– Hugo Vega