Top 10 ROI Remodeling Projects

Top 10 ROI Remodeling Projects

I believe every homeowner can benefit from upgrading their home.  Especially in the Huntington Beach real estate market small investments into home improvement can push a nice property into a lucrative investment.  The average home in Huntington Beach was built between 1960 and 1980; meaning there is 40+ years of possible improvement.

Some improvements can be more beneficial than others.  On average a major kitchen remodel will only net you 68% return on investment but the kitchen is the most influential in the decision making process.  Whereas a cheaper investment like an entry door will yield nearly an 86% return on investment.

If you have any questions regarding how you can increase the value of your home feel free to reach out to our team of experts in the Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa real estate markets.

The following infographic displays The Top 10 Remodeling Projects that will yield the greatest ROI.

Top 10 Remodel Projects

Malakai Sparks
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