Water Crisis – How To Help

Water Crisis – How To Help

As Californians we know all too well how important saving water is, but are we doing it efficiently? There are few simple solutions that can save you money as well as aid in our current water crisis such as buying low-flow faucet and shower head fixtures as well as low-flow toilets.  These easy improvements can save you thousands of dollars over time.

If you’re familiar with Southern California you know how beautiful the landscaping can be because of the bio-diversity in plant life that can survive here.  Unfortunately that beauty comes at a price.  More than 50% of a households average daily water consumption goes to landscaping.

Many Huntington Beach townhome and condo Home Owners Associations have have opted to replace water reliant plants and trees with succulents and rain water drip systems. A recent study showed that the average Huntington Beach homebuyers are looking for an easily manageable outdoor landscape.

Having been built mostly between 1960-1980 many Huntington Beach homes for sale are being retro-fitted with new fixtures.  While the Costa Mesa housing market is a younger market many homes and apartments are already equipped for the shift.


Malakai Sparks
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