What Flooring Brings The Best ROI

What Flooring Brings The Best ROI

Here we are officially in summer and I know a lot of Orange County home owners are thinking about doing some upgrades for the summer. Back three months ago I wrote on “Two Upgrades To Produce The Greatest Return On Investment” and if you have not read that I would recommend you CLICK HERE and read that article.

However, this post is about flooring and what flooring is the best type to put in your home. There is a multitude of flooring out there and it is hard for one to decipher from. There is: tile, carpet, wood, vinyl, tile that looks like wood- but what is the best flooring for ROI.

The best flooring for your ROI is most definitely wood flooring. It doesn’t matter what part of the county your from, or even part of the world for that matter, wood flooring transcends place and culture. Everyone desires wood flooring! Thus, for an ROI perspective that is the flooring you want to use based on this truth. Since I’m an Orange County, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa real estate expert I’ve seen lots of homes with wood flooring and the tricky thing about wood flooring is if not decorated right it could really leave an awkward and unattractive feel throughout the home.

Therefore, begging the questions. How do I decorate around your wood flooring? It’s about color schemes in the home. If you have light wood flooring then you want dark countertops in the kitchen and dark furniture. If you have dark wood flooring you want lighter countertops and furniture. If you have dark furniture and wood flooring it really seems dark and dingy throughout the home. Think Count Dracula. Same is true with lighter flooring and countertops and furniture, seems too bright and everything blends together within the home. You want to make sure you have contrast throughout your home, this will add style and appeal when it’s time for you to sell your home.

If your thinking about adding value to your Huntington Beach real estate or Orange County home feel free to contact me. I would love to meet with you, look at your home, and tell you how to improve the value of your real estate property. It would cost less then you think and really bump the value to your Orange County real estate property.

Malakai Sparks
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