Open Houses, Yard Signs, News Paper Adds- Oh My!

Open Houses, Yard Signs, News Paper Adds- Oh My!

Being a young Huntington Beach realtor I know how important it is to market using other strategies alongside traditional home marketing methods. It is important that we do not abandon traditional marketing as it still is a piece of what needs to be done to finally get your home or Huntington Beach condo sold.  I graduated from college with my business degree, so I understand how essential it is to research all methods of marketing before you unroll a campaign. One must research the marketing tactics/methods and see if they are going to be successful for their clients when implemented. That’s what I did early in my career. The Majority of agents marketing plan is just open houses, yard signs, news paper adds, and throwing their clients home up on a website. My questions to those agent is: have you done the research on those methods and what are the statistics of success using those methods?


Recent studies have shown that that all these methods combined account for only 24% of sales last year (open houses 2%, yard signs 15%, and printed media adds 7%) . What does this tell us? If a agent representing your Orange County Real Estate needs or your current Huntington Beach home for sale only uses these methods of marketing, you’ll only have a 24% chance of getting your real estate property sold. I know what your thinking- “how do you fill the 76% void to get my Orange County or Huntington Beach real estate property sold?”


By marketing beyond traditional methods. Marketing in general has had a drastic change over the past 5 years. With the introduction of the smartphone and Ipad we see that print media is really on the decline due to the amount of information one has at their fingertips. There is no need for newspapers and magazines when one can find the answer to all their questions with a push of a button! Thus, when marketing a real estate property (especially in Orange County and Huntington Beach) one must use these methods to find qualified buyers. You have to have an agent who not only just puts your home online, but puts it online with the right sites and has traffic to the web page(s) the home is on. A lot of people are under the impression that if their home is online then it will be seen, thus it will be sold. Nothing can be further from the truth. You have to have an agent who is internet savvy and draws tremendous amounts of traffic to the site(s) your home is being marketed on. Also, you want to make sure the site is optimize for mobile marketing because that is where most consumers get their information- their cell phones. It’s a truly sophisticated process that needs to be handled by a true professional or your jeopardizing your financial future by a lower or unsuccessful sale of your home. Bottom line is this- the more people who see your home the quicker it will sell; thus, meaning getting more money for your biggest asset. If your home sells quick that mean you can avoid price reductions or low ball offers. The only way to accomplish that is by combining traditional methods with new marketing methods to ensure a quick and profitable deal for you.


If you would like to see in detail these new marketing techniques and how I use them to generate tremendous exposure, all you have to do is contact me or swing by our Costa Mesa Homes center. I’ll meet with you show you everything and develop a marketing plan that will blow away your competitions; therefor, making sure your home sells, sells quickly, and sells for the most money. No obligations, it will only take about 30 minutes of your time. Contact me, I would love to meet with you and help you any way I can. Call or text me at 714-655-1627.

Malakai Sparks
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