The Buyers Guide for Buying a Huntington Beach Condo or Townhome

The Buyers Guide for Buying a Huntington Beach Condo or Townhome

Welcome to the complete buyers guide for buying Huntington Beach condos for sale. Huntington Beach is one of the most populated cities in southern California with a population of over 200,000, sprawled out across Orange County amongst the district’s most formidably-sized areas as the largest coastal city in the county. With so much to do here all year round — from parades and world championship surfing competitions to AVP volleyball tournaments, air shows and a Christmas boat parade, just to name a few — there is truly something for everyone, making Huntington Beach one of the most desirable places in the world to live. At the end of this page we will have ALL townhomes and Huntington Beach condos for sale for you to look over in detail.

But, as you would imagine, this desirability comes at a cost; Huntington Beach real estate ranks among the nation’s most prestigious, with the average single family home clocking in around $1,000,000 and the average price jumping significantly higher than that in the Huntington Harbour and Downtown areas. While renting is an avenue all of us must take at one time or another in our lives, it’s considered a crippling long-term financial decision. Indeed, building equity into a property is one of the safest and well-established ways to financial success — and we’re not pointing this out to be discouraging, but rather to state reality. 

With all of that being said, condos and townhomes represent perfect options for shoppers who don’t happen to have a couple of million bucks in the bank, and the situation is no different in Huntington Beach. Condos and townhomes can be purchased at a fraction of the price of a single-family home, and, what’s more, you can simultaneously build equity into a property while enjoying one of the most highly-appreciating housing markets on the planet. Essentially, you are paying yourself rather than your landlord each month…and that’s month after month, and year after year. Take it from us when we say it starts to add up, and the financial benefits pay for themselves rather quickly. 

At the bottom of this post, there is a video that highlights all the different areas of Huntington Beach, as well as property listings of all the currently active Huntington Beach condo and townhomes for sale. As a point of fact, the list goes from highest price to lowest price. We invite you to through these listings until you find one that really stands out.

Some Advantages 

Many home buyers actually prefer condos and townhomes to single-family homes because they tend to be easier and less expensive compared to the standard single-family home; in a condo and townhome community, all the maintenance relating to the inside and outside of the property is taken care of by the HOA (depending on the policies of the individual homeowners association). As an example, condo and townhome owners are normally free from maintenance expenses such as a gardener, pool cleaner, roofing/re-roofing and termite costs including tenting. And while most buyers are hesitant about HOA fees, we can tell you that they pay for themselves — and then some — when considering how much it would cost each month and year for upkeep. Another advantage of living in a community is that it makes everyone conform to basic upkeep rules — have you ever had a neighbor who let their front lawn turn into Jurassic Park, complete with a jeep parked in the middle of that jungle? This doesn’t fly in an HOA, which means everyone’s property looks well-maintained and manicured. 

Where Should I Look to Buy a Condo in Huntington Beach?

As you should have gathered by reading up until this point, Huntington Beach is massive, with each area of almost akin to being its own city. It is important for someone who is not familiar with the area to have an understanding of the geography so they can choose the best location for their needs, and also determine where they would be the happiest living. Being a Huntington Beach real estate agent for over a decade now, I know all the ins and outs of the city and communities, so in this article I am going to focus on the four top neighborhoods of this charming slice of the Golden State: Downtown, SeaCliff, the Harbour and South Huntington Beach. These four areas represent the most popular communities within HB, each offering a distinctively different lifestyle. At the bottom of this post see all currently active Huntington Beach Condos for sale and Huntington Beach townhomes for sale.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it…

SeaCliff Condos and Townhouses

SeaCliff remains the most lavish neighborhood in Huntington Beach, with this community surrounding the private golf course attached to SeaCliff Country Club. In addition to a full 18-hole championship golf course, this venue offers a resort-esque pool and spa — and that’s just the beginning of its myriad of amenities. There are a number of communities that offer condos and townhouses in this area of Huntington Beach, the most expensive of which are the townhomes in the communities of St. Augustine 1 and St. Augustine 2, followed by SeaCliff on the Greens and Surfcrest. In terms of affordability, the Pacific Ranch community is a good choice; Pac Ranch, meanwhile, sits just outside of the SeaCliff golf course area, next to Huntington Beach High and the SeaCliff complex, an area bustling with grocery stores, shops and restaurants. There are multiple subsections of SeaCliff that do not surround the course, yet still boast a good number of communities, but this post will not focus too much on these (we may cover them in another blog). What’s important to know is that each aforementioned community represents the most popular in the SeaCliff area, with each condo and townhome neighborhood boasting its own feel and advantages.  

SeaCliff on the Greens offers views of the golf course and sits closest to it compared to other communities. A good number of country club members prefer this area, as it offers the most convenient access to the grounds. The Augustine communities offer the largest condos and townhomes in terms of size, boasting resort-like living with attached garages and ultimately offering more of a home like feel compared to the other communities in the SeaCliff area. 

Surfcrest is one of our favorite communities in the area, because it sits just one block away from the beach, making it easy to walk to the edge of the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean or the Huntington Beach Dog Beach. The townhomes here range in size amongst a plethora of model types; some units offer full unobstructed views of the ocean and the Huntington Beach wetlands, making it a special location indeed.

The community of Pacific Ranch remains the most affordable in terms of housing cost, with average units coming in at 2,500 square-feet and some as small as 1,000. To say this neighborhood has something for everyone is something of an understatement. What’s more, Pacific Ranch represents the largest of the aforementioned communities, as it sits on over 40-acres and offers an otherworldly feel, what with its fully-gated perimeter, lush mature trees and multiple pools. Indeed, affordability and flexibility makes Pacific Ranch the most popular community within the SeaCliff area.

At the bottom of this post see all currently active SeaCliff Huntington Beach Condos for sale and SeaCliff Huntington Beach townhomes for sale.

Here is a quick video in which we showcase the SeaCliff area. If you have interest in this community and want to know more about some of its amenities or units for sale, please give me a call directly at (714) 655-1627. As mentioned earlier in this post, there are a number of additional communities we’re not covering here, so we can tell you all about them in greater detail.

Downtown Huntington Beach Condos and Townhouses

There are a plethora of downtown Huntington Beach condo and townhome communities, and thoroughly describing each one would require just too much bandwidth.  There are just so many options in the downtown district, from condos on the sand with views of the surfers and famous pier to little niche communities that boast their own racquetball court facilities. Because the options are so far-ranging and complex, we’ll focus instead on a handful of communities that happen to be our favorites around the downtown area, starting with a district sitting on Main Street two scant blocks from the ocean and pier.

Plaza Almeria boasts massive townhomes, some of which clock in at over 2,500 square-feet, making it the most expensive place to live in the downtown area — but we can attest to the fact that the lifestyle enjoyed here is well worth it. Being a gated community, Plaza Almeria avoids the annoyance of random strangers and solicitors coming to every door, as single-family homes in the same area would experience. You also are guaranteed parking for you and your guest, which isn’t the case for single-family homes, and take it from someone who has lived downtown and knows the terrain — this is a huge plus. It’s a great option if you want to be in the heart of downtown while eliminating the negatives, and, at the same time, paying half as much. 

The second community we would like to recommend sits right behind Pacific City and is named The Seaside Villages. Also gated, this charming neighborhood boasts a number of streams running through it, giving the community a genuine canal-esque vibe. What’s more, the units feel more like homes then they do condos or townhomes, what with some being situated on the water. Indeed, it’s here you can also experience an otherworldly vibe, all while being just a two-minute walk away from Pacific City and five-minute walk from Main Street. The prices for these units are surprisingly reasonable, given its location, the community itself also offering premium amenities such as dual tennis courts, a basketball court, pool and jacuzzi as well as a dog park/run. 

The next community we’d like to make you aware of is La Cuesta by the Sea, where units remain the most affordable in the entire downtown area. Unlike the previous areas we just mentioned, this community is not gated nor does it include a pool; however, the HOA fees are the lowest. This community boasts the most green area of all the downtown condo and townhouse neighborhoods, and being located across the street from Pacific City, the location can be considered prime. From a quick walk to the beach to close proximity to Main Street, it’s here that you get to experience everything downtown has to offer…for a fraction of the cost! 

The final downtown condo complex we’d like to touch on is located right behind Pacific City off Lake and Orange, called The Huntington Bayshore. Here, one-bedroom and two-bedroom condos allow you to experience the heart of downtown HB in the most affordable way possible. Penthouses boast full city views of Main Street or the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island, and like the other three aforementioned communities, it offers close proximity to Main Street, the beach and Pacific City. The community is also very pet-friendly for a condo complex, as it offers a full dog park right in the heart of downtown. This is by far the best deal for someone looking to own a home and experience downtown Huntington Beach on a budget — it’s even a great choice when shopping for a second/vacation home.

At the bottom of this post see all currently active downtown Huntington Beach Condos for sale and downtown Huntington Beach townhomes for sale.

Here is a quick video showcasing the downtown area. If you are interested in this area and want to know more about some of the communities or units for sale, please give me a call directly at (714) 655-1627.

Huntington Harbour Condos and Townhomes 

The Harbour is a great place to be if you like boating or water activities.  It is also close to the Huntington Beach wetlands, which is great for hiking and wildlife observation. There’s more of a slow pace-esque lifestyle exhibited here, what with the community somewhat secluded from the rest of the city (as a point of reference, it is the northernmost part of HB, which makes it a five to 10-minute drive to LA county). 

The first community we’d like to highlight here is Huntington Marina. This neighborhood represents the last stop of sorts before Seal Beach, boasting a complex that is right on the water with private docks and harbor/wildlife preserve views attached to each unit. It’s also situated right on the main channel, so you’ll enjoy front row seats to all the boat shows and, most notably, the “festival of lights” (aka the Christmas Boat Parade).  There are upstairs units and downstairs units in this community, with the downstairs units being more desirable and rarer to find. This is also the most affordable way to own waterfront property in the Harbour area.

The Huntington Harbour Bay Club, meanwhile, is a condominium development located adjacent to the water, and represents an ideal place to live and play. You can dock your boat at one of the personal stalls, or have fun paddle boarding on the glassy Harbour water, and, being that you’re so close to the beach, you can simply walk down and surf or just enjoy the water with a cocktail at SeaLegs. It is close to the Huntington Beach wetlands, a natural preserve that allows for wildlife observance and hiking.

The next community we’d like to focus on, Portofino Cove, constitutes a gated neighborhood located right next to Trinidad Island and the public boat launching site. The community is made up of 60 condos and 17 single family residences, the condo units ranging from a one-bedroom / one-bath to a two-bedroom / two-bath. What makes Portofino Cove so special is that it it’s the most secluded community in all of the Harbour and, to be sure, Huntington Beach. The complex offers some incredible views, some of the finest in all of Huntington Beach, in fact, and the condos and single-family residences offer the amenities of a large resort, including a formidable swimming pool and spa, a sauna and an outdoor BBQ area.  Mother’s Beach is also in close proximity, a safe and designated spot to take the little ones to play safely in the Harbour away from boats and other hazards.

The last community we’d like to talk about is a gated favorite in the Harbour called The Gables. As one of, if not the, most affordable options in the entire Harbour area, The Gables was built in 1980, the community comprised of 80 condo units, situated as four units to a building with garages facing outwards toward the street; floor plans offered by The Gables consist of both two- and three-bedroom models, with the smallest plan being the two-bedroom/one-bath unit that ranges anywhere from 966 to 1,032 square-feet and the largest being the three-bedroom/two-bath with nearly 1,218 square-feet. All models boast either a one- or two-car garage, laundry rooms and large outdoor patios.

At the bottom of this post see all currently active Huntington Harbour Huntington Beach Condos for sale and Huntington Harbour Huntington Beach townhomes for sale.

Here is a quick video showcasing the Huntington Harbour area. If you have taken a liking to this area and want to know more about some of the communities or units for sale, please give me a call directly at (714) 655-1627. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of other communities not mentioned in this post. 

South Huntington Beach Condos and Townhomes

The area of South Huntington Beach is a great subsection of this incredible city, offering an extremely family-oriented experience what with all its parks, baseball/soccer fields and safe, secluded bike paths to the beach. This section of the city is significantly more “sprawling” compared to SeaCliff, Downtown and The Harbour, and also boasts some of the best schools in all of Huntington Beach. Unlike the other areas we covered, there are less condo and townhouse developments in this area of Huntington Beach, but the communities in South HB offer some of the best values. Let’s now take a brief look at a few. 

The first South HB community we’d like to highlight is The Continentals. What makes this community so special is that it offers a variety of units, ranging from one-bedroom variants to four-bedroom masterpieces. It is also one of the more affordable communities in all Huntington Beach with regard to living; as such, the bargain prices, great location (including its inclusion in a prime school zone) and some of the lowest HOA fees in the county make The Continentals one of the most popular places in all of Huntington Beach. This community also offers great investment property or starter home opportunities, even for someone looking to keep a property to rent. It’s even ideal for someone with a family looking to live close to the beach without breaking the bank, as their kids can experience a premium school district. The Continentals is a great option for all.

The second community we’d like to make you aware of is SeaBridge, considered the most popular community in south Huntington Beach as it offers tons of amenities and truly encourages luxury resort living to the fullest. Separated into two sections, a condo section and townhome section, SeaBridge does indeed have something for everyone, with community amenities considered amongst Huntington Beach’s finest. Tennis courts, basketball courts, multiple pools, brooks and rivers running throughout, spas, gyms and a backdrop including lush, vibrant scenery are just the beginning here, with a formidably-sized dog park and 24/7 guard/gated protection making for one of the safest areas in all of South Huntington Beach. 

The last South Huntington Beach community we would like to tell you about is the Villa Pacific. We feel this offers the best overall value of the communities in South HB, and we will tell you why. The community was built in the mid-to-late 1960s and is made up of 291 units with a mixture of different floor plans to choose from. There are two sections to choose from in Villa Pacific: a single section and two-story section, with the one and two bedrooms representing the largest majority of the single-story offerings. Additionally, there are a few rare three-bedroom units, but they do not come up for sale regularly (the three and four bedroom units constitute the two-story offerings). All the units have a private enclosed patio, laundry area and either an attached or detached  two-car garage. When it comes to on-site amenities, the community offers two community clubhouses, three swimming pools, a spa, basketball court, two tennis courts as well as a playground for the kids and RV/boat parking (for an additional fee). A unique element we’d like to mention about this community is its large and open greenbelts that run throughout, serving as a private park of sorts for the homeowners to enjoy. 

At the bottom of this post see all currently active South Huntington Beach Condos for sale and South Huntington Beach townhomes for sale.

If you have taken a liking to the South Huntington Beach area and want to know more about some of the communities or units for sale please, give me a call directly at (714) 655-1627. As aforementioned, there are a lot of other communities not mentioned in this post. 


Thank you so much for reading this blog. Here is a video highlighting the entire city of Huntington Beach and pointing out all the different unique areas. Below the video, I also added all the property listings of the currently active Huntington Beach condos and townhomes for sale. FYI, the list goes from highest price to lowest price and shows all active properties.

Thanks for reading! We hope you have enjoyed the information above and have found it useful. If you want more information about any of these communities or take a private tour of a property you like, please call or text me (Malakai) directly 714-655-1627. As I am the Huntington Beach condo and townhome expert and will have knowledge of all the ins-and-outs for you. Thanks again we hope you enjoyed this post!

Below are ALL Active Huntington Beach Condos for sale and Townhomes for Sale

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